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I am currently working on some new designs for the shop. 
I have a tenative design worked up for daisy_daily members and am still working on children's and baby clothing right now. I have the designs done but haven't gotten them from the design stage into the actually *made* stage yet. 

Some of it has been the weather lately. I see you going huh? What the heck does the weather have to do with it? To expose my films for the hand silk screen I'm doing on some products I use sunlight rather than a UV lamp. # 1 because my goodness a UV lamp costs a fortune and #2 sunlight is free and the most natural thing in the world to use...except lately :| It's been cloudy and or raining daily....so until that passes I won't be able to expose my films I have ready for screens. That just gives me more time to work up more designs though. :)  So far I have the daisy daily design and a "Cute as a bug" lady bug design worked out. I am also working on flowers and butterflies and am trying to come up with a cute design for little boys as well. I'm not quite sure what I'll do for boys just yet.

And speaking of children's clothing. Remember those t-shirt dresses from the 80's? :P Well I'm not making those exactly but I will be using some of my hand dyed and tie dyed shirts to make little boutique style girls dresses. I have some very cute designs worked up, just need to work on exact sizing since I'm not using patterns. :) I also hope to get my hands on matching grosgrain ribbons to make korker and other fancy bows as well, not just hair bows but to attach to the little outfits too. No one will have to worry about them falling apart in the wash either, I think I've come up with a neat way to attach and detach them from the clothing without being bulky or unweidly, and I honestly can't believe other crafters/seamstresses/designers aren't doing it that way! It was such a simple idea...so YAY! :D I'm rather proud of myself. :P

Oh and another thing...who knew tie dye was so popular!? I was completely SHOCKED how quickly we sold some of our tie dye stock! I almost didn't have eough MADE! In 24 hours from posting the new shirts on www.craftmouse.com I had 5 orders a few in sizes I hadn't actually gotten *made* yet so shipping took a few days longer than normal but they were received by the customers within the 14 day window!!! *blinks*

I even did one of my Woodland Camo shirts for my own father for Fathers Day. He loved it (asked how much I sold them for and said I was cheaper than Wal-Mart! LOL) and asked to buy one for his brother in law for his birthday! 

I have a few items showing out of stock on the site at the moment and need to rectify that soon. If anything ever shows as out of stock and you want it though, please just email me at sales@craftmouse.com and I'll rush getting it back in stock. 

What else is new? Oh...I am in discussions with a Renn Faire/SCA designer and may start carrying their products on the site as well. Things like period costumes that can be worn for Renn Faire/SCA tournaments/plays/fan cons/Halloween....she even does period wedding dresses for VERY reasonable prices. Especially considering the detail and sheer amount of fabric in a wedding dress of that period! 

Anyway, I'll update here next time I add product to the site. :) 

Oh and right now I have many different sizes of the USA Flag shirts in ready to ship stock....if you want one before July 4th you might want to hurry!  Below is the link and photo to it:

USA Flag ShirtUSA Flag Shirt

This fun take on the stars and stripes in tie dye is very popular with everyone. Sizes available from child size thru adult size 3x. This is a hand dyed tie dye item, no two will ever look exactly the same but the image is an accurate representation of how this t-shirt will look.

100% Cotton Hanes Heavyweight T-shirts are used as bases for this product. Wash seperately or with similar colors. Variation is a natural part of the dying process and should be expected. Each shirt is a work of fabric art. :)


Price: $15.95 On sale: $9.95



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Jul. 15th, 2007 11:45 pm (UTC)
Do you mind if I recommend your shop on my LJ? I love the pretties and I have to say, you have the most gorgeous tie-dyed t-shirts anywhere! I am already doing a little holiday shopping with you! I plan to do more!
Jul. 16th, 2007 04:32 am (UTC)
Oh, yes I'd love it if you mentioned my store on your LJ. Still very grass roots here so I can't afford big advertising campaigns yet, so word of mouth has been the number one source of 95% of my customers so far.

I have more tie-dye t-shirt designs I will be adding to the site soon as well, and some fun custom screen printed items as well as a few more pieces of hand made jewelry. I have them done but they have been tricky to photograph because of the high gloss/shimmer of the glass beads on these. Throws my camera for a loop. :P
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