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Welcome to Craft Mouse's blog!

This is a new blog for the website Craft Mouse (http://www.craftmouse.com) an online gift and apparel shop selling hand dyed, hand painted and hand made apparael, jewelry, and gift baskets. Please friend us and follow updates on our product line, new designs, and even surveys on products. Help us choose which things work and which don't! Tell us what you'd like to see us sell and so on. And if we don't have it or carry it, we'll help you find it as a courtsey for being a member of our friends group! 

Frequently asked questions: 

What's with the mouse?
My 12 year old son came up with the name Craft Mouse and I sort of ran with the idea and created a cute little mouse logo, and then decided to name her Daisy...so everyone...meet Daisy Mouse. :)

What sort of dye do you use?
Professional procion fiber reactive dyes. These are permanent dyes and do not wash out....I got some on my dog once...trust me the stuff does NOT wash out! 

I like such and such scarf but my favorite color is blue...can I get that same scarf in blue?
Yes. All of our products can be custom dyed. Got a little girl who hates pink but you like one of the children's dresses in pink? Tell us what color you want...and tell us the child's name and we'll include that on the design too! Almost all of our products can be personalized. 

Is it really silk?
Our silk products are real Chinese silk, though we are working on getting supplies for Thai and Indian silk...sort of 'fabrics of the world' I guess.

Can I iron velvet?
Yes and no. NEVER iron on the front 'fuzzy' side or you'll ruin it and possibly ruin your iron too! If you must iron velvet do so on synthetic setting on the BACK of the scarf or turn a pillow cushion inside out or shirt...whatever the velvet is on. It may take on a crushed look though, keep that in mind. 

Can I get *anything* in a custom gift basket order?
Almost. We don't have a liquor license so no wine unfortunately but we can put practically anything in a gift basket, bear in mind custom ones can get pricey as we can't always get wholesale discounts on items in limited quanities, but we feel sure the price will be competitive. As for a quote, they are free after all! :)

Where besides the website can I buy your products?
We have both an Etsy online store and an Ebay online store both can be reached by links from our site. Also, at the present time we are negotiating with a gallery/boutique in Heber Springs, AR to carry some of our products. 

Thanks for friending Craft Mouse! We hope you'll enjoy your time with us and that you'll think of us for all your gift giving needs.


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