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New section opened at Craft Mouse

I have opened an entire section dedicated to just our tie dye product line since it has turned out to be much more popular than I ever anticipated when I first started offering them.

I've also started carrying a few shirt designs in sizes up to 5X.

If you wonder why some tie dyes aren't available in all sizes it is because of the nature of the dying process. Either it would take too much die to make it cost efficient *or* there is so much material there that a proper 'tie' cannot be done for the design. This also applies to smaller sizes. Child size 2 USA Flag shirts often do not come out properly 'striped' because of the smaller amount of material in the shirt.

You can see the new department here: http://www.craftmouse.com/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=33

I also have a *bunch* of new hand beaded jewelry to put on the site but haven't had the opportunity to get the photos taken. Once I do, I'll post a message about the new products with links. 

I've added a couple of new sarong's as well, I know we are in mid summer, but they can be used for more than just as a sarong. My favorite is displayed on the homepage in the "Specials" section. It is called Parker Blue. Those of you who know me personally will get the joke there. :P

Anyway, I hope to add a few more items soon, I'm working on some children's dresses, currently in youth size 2-4. They are tie dye t-shirt tops with screen printed designs with a boutique style 3 tier 'twirl skirt' attached. They make great play dresses for little girls. I also have some hand dyed solid color baby clothing done, but not photographed yet as I'm thinking of adding custom screen print options to them. 
Perhaps offer your child's name on them? Hopefully I'll have those added as soon as I get them done. 

Also I'm working on more women's clothing as well. My one dress design has been commented on a lot, and I hope to add an adult version of the 'twirl skirt' or what some may call gypsy or tiered and/or gored skirts. These will be made with hand dyed materials and will range in size from women's size small to plus sizes. 

Hoping that sometime in the near future I'll be able to earn enough off the site to purchase a serger and a couple of multi sized dress forms to make sewing easier, but for now, everything is made the old fashioned way on a standard sewing machine. :) 

Those of you who have placed orders already this year, thank you and I hope to have some special items just for previous buyers.


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